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Welcome to Mahler AGS – Advances Gas Systems

Mahler AGS - Advanced Gas Systems – the experts for gas generation and purification

With more than 4.500 plants built worldwide since 1950, Mahler AGS is a highly respected manufacturer of on-site gas plants for hydrogen generation, oxygen generation and nitrogen generation.

Mahler AGS manufactures cost-effective, safe and reliable on-site generation systems for high quality industrial gases (i.e. hydrogen plants, oxygen plants and nitrogen plants) as well as plants for the purification and recovery of technical gases and process waste gases. Our plants can be used in a wide range of industries.

Our hydrogen generator was the first remote controlled hydrogen plant in the world, our oxygen generator technology provides lowest consumption figures and our nitrogen PSA-systems are applied for one of the biggest on-site projects with this technology.

Our services

Understanding that every application and location is unique, Mahler AGS offers a family of cost-effective and reliable on-site generation systems.

In cooperation with the customer, Mahler AGS' engineers will analyze the requirements, to offer a system, which meets the specifications regarding flow, purity and pressure.

The typical scope of supply includes design, manufacturing, installation and start-up of the system. A service team is always available to provide necessary support or maintenance for the lifetime of the system.

Our goals

The high-quality generation systems have proven reliable and safe, but this is just the beginning. Mahler AGS' after-sales service, continuous process improvement, trustful cooperation with research institutes and the certification of the Quality Management System (according to DIN EN ISO 9001) will ensure superior products and services.

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