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Mahler AGS – Advanced Gas Systems

Mahler AGS Gas Generation and Purification Plants is the leading manufacturer and supplier of cost-effective, safe and reliable gas generation and purification plants for numerous gases.


Over 60 years of experience with on-site plants.
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High potential engineering from Germany

years of experience of plant engineering

Mahler AGS offers a variety of cost-effective on-site plants for users in a wide field of industries. More than 60 years of experience in plant design and engineering guarantee high operational availability of all Mahler AGS gas generation and purification plants.


Your specialists for gas generation and purification plants

Due to the special design of the Mahler systems (e.g. hydrogen plants, oxygen plants, nitrogen plants or protective gas plamts), an availability of over 98% per year, i.e. more than 8600 hours per year, can be realized.


Hydrogen plants

Reforming and PSA technology >>>

Reforming and PSA technology - Mahler AGS applies the most economical industrial processes for hydrogen production. The hydrogen generation and purification plants are tailored to the customers‘ requirements and will be delivered in prefabricated skids.

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Oxygen plants

VPSA technology - Mahler AGS applies >>>

VPSA technology - Mahler AGS applies the most economical industrial process for oxygen production. The oxygen generation plants by means of the VPSA technology are tailored to the customers’ requirements and will be prefabricated to the highest possible degree.

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Nitrogen plants

PSA technology - Mahler AGS >>>

PSA technology - Mahler AGS applies the most economical industrial process for nitrogen production. The nitrogen generation plants by means of the PSA technology are tailored to the customers’ requirements and will be delivered in prefabricated skids.

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Protective gas plants

HN/HNX Generator - Mahler AGS’ >>>

HN/HNX Generator - Mahler AGS’ HN/HNX plants applies a very reliable and economic solution for the generation of protective gases. The HN/HNX plants will be delivered in prefabricated skids.

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Process gas membrane systems

Completely packaged membrane units >>>

Completely packaged membrane units – Mahler AGS supplies packaged membrane systems for process gas purification and separation in a wide range of applications. The package units are tailored to customers‘ requirements and will be delivered in prefabricated skids.

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Biogas Upgrading

PSA technology - Mahler AGS applies >>>

PSA technology - Mahler AGS applies biogas upgrading plants for the production of biomethane. The BIOSWING line comprises containerized standard units as well as tailored plants. All PSA plants are based on industrial standards.

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Are you ready for more economic efficiency?

Best engineering performance made in Germany

High availability! Realize your plan!

High availability and long service life, dependable performance and short downtimes – these are the demands that are placed on process plant today. Our service options offer our customers active support all round the world.

High availability, long lifetime and reliable performance, these are the major requirements for process plants. With our broad variety of service capabilities we offer our customers active support based on highest technical standards all around the world. Mahler’s philosophy is to find the most suitable solution for our clients, having close contact and a relationship built on a long term cooperation. Furthermore Mahler makes all necessary efforts to support the clients and to take care of their plants during the complete life time.


The customer can contact us directly for support or advice via telephone or email. Exchange of experience and individual advisory service forms the basis for a partnership to the benefit of both parties.


Experienced and competent field engineers assure the correct and proper installation of a plant. At any time they can revert to the assistance of our qualified office staff. In addition Mahler AGS provides time and working schedules as well as documentation in order to ensure timely completion.


Starting from final check of erection and mechanical completion until performance test we provide all commissioning services. The commissioning includes catalyst and adsorbent loading of reactors and vessels, carrying out numerous function tests, plant startup, adjustment of process parameters and check of all safety functions. Our target is to reach the specified performance parameters and client’s full satisfaction while keeping the time schedule.


Our strength is to react fast and to come up with cost-effective solutions to keep the plants in operation throughout the service life of your plant, even if the plant is more than 40 years old. Due to clear identification for every component, we are able to determine and offer every spare part you may require. We will offer the best and most economical solution for your purposes for either defective or modification parts.


Regular inspection and maintenance ensures long-term functioning, avoids damage and prevents unexpected malfunctions. This service includes a comprehensive check of the plant status and functional tests of all relevant components and leads to a recommendation for maintenance and required spare parts. Also service on sub-suppliers’ equipment and machinery can be provided. The quality of such specialized service is assured by permanent training of our personnel. Finally Mahler AGS adjusts and optimizes your plant for its particular operating condition.

Mahler AGS offers a direct line between your plant and our experienced office personnel. The possibility of remote access and data transfer between your plant control system and our service center enables us to assist quickly, whenever required all over the world, in case operational problems or malfunctions occur. Adaptations to changed operating conditions or precautionary checks of operating data are possible.
In addition Mahler offers remote service packages, individually adapted to your requirements, with access to our service hotline.

If you require capacity or performance upgrades, modernization of individual components or complete systems or even a relocation of a plant, Mahler AGS plans and carries out all necessary activities considering local regulations and clients’ specifications.

Technical understanding of the process and getting familiar with the equipment is essential for your operators.We offer specific training for operation, maintenance and repair of every component. The training can be carried out during commissioning on site or on demand.

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